Challenge Journal 4: Title-less

I find coming up with a title one of the most challenging parts of writing. Whether it be a literary analysis, a research paper, or even an post on Instagram, my creativity seems to disappear. There was one time a friend came to me to help come up with a title for an app, and for the life of me, I could not come up with anything. I’m always so impressed with those who are able to come up with catchy titles and captions, as it is most definitely not my forte.

I seem to be in the same predicament with coming up with a title for my exhibition for my capstone. When museum exhibitions focus on a single artist, it is pretty straightforward, using his or her name as the title. In my case, I am looking at a variety of painters from a wide range of time. My focus is the agency of women in portraiture… basically comparing how male artists illustrated women and what sort of say those women had in their image, in comparison to how female artists portrayed their subjects and themselves. I like the idea of having a catchy couple word title with a colon and then a brief explanation, “____: ______________” but coming up with the words to fill in the blanks has proven difficult.

Although it is a small piece of the project, a catchy title is so important to get someone to look deeper into the project. As much as we are taught to not judge a book by its cover, by scrolling through so many projects, the title and aesthetics of a Capstone project are critical to capturing a reader’s attention. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out soon!

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  1. Hi Mollie,

    I found this post very relatable. I think that a good title can do so much in terms of drawing the reader in and really tying the work as a whole together. In my experience, most of my favorite works seem to have some sort of catchy or interesting title that makes me excited to either read or re-read them. But coming up with that title for my own work is much easier said than done!

    A way that I’ve used in the past, at times, to try and create a catchy title is to look for some source of inspiration outside of literature. I know you talked about examining others’ titles, but I think looking through movie quotes or song lyrics or really any form of art can sometimes provide just the spark you need to find the perfect title.

    Good luck!

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