Challenge Journal 4

//Greatest prior missed opportunity//

My greatest prior missed opportunity comes from Writing 225 (Academic Argumentation).  In this class, I wrote a paper on Jon Stewart’s use of ad hominem attacks during an argument with Tucker Carlson on the (now cancelled) show Crossfire.  I can’t find the exact assignment, but we’d learned about rhetorical fallacies in class and the assignment was to find an argument (could be written, video, audio, etc.) in which one of the sides used a rhetorical fallacy.  Then, analyze their use of the rhetorical fallacy and assess its effectiveness.

The topic itself was an interesting case, in my opinion, because Jon Stewart was able to craft an argument so compelling that it resulted in the cancellation of Crossfire.  He frequently implemented the ad hominem rhetorical fallacy during this argument.  I remember speed writing the essay and think I could’ve crafted something much more in depth that integrated different forms of visual media and different examples.

I’m interested in methods of argumentation in media because of my interest in the marketing and advertising industry.  Had I had more time (and less specific writing guidelines) I could have written a more comprehensive analysis on the use of fallacies in publicized arguments and how different elements of production and delivery impact the believability of the argument.

I particularly think that there was a great opportunity to integrate different forms of media.  If this topic were applied to a capstone project, it could be much more creative and comprehensive, and likely would create a more solid argument.  I feel like this is similar to my actual capstone project, because the integration of images plays a huge role in the effectiveness of my project.  The combination of writing and visuals creates a much more fully formed argument and is far more engaging.

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