comfort zone, where’d you go

For my experiments in Writing 220, I decided to repurpose a photoblog I made first semester freshman year. The original photos served as inspirational material for my future experiments.

For the first experiment, I made a photobook, a collection of photographs based on a central theme or “artist statement.” This format encouraged me to formalize both the images and the writing from the original blog format. With the photo book, I started off easy, with a vaguely familiar genre and format. To be honest, I stayed safely and well within my comfort zone.

In the second experiment, I got more creative and created the front page of a fictional newspaper, set in an alternate Ann Arbor. I had a lot of fun with the newspaper, which really encouraged me to get creative with my names, places, and stories ideas. I often refrain from creative writing, so the second experiment found me edging away from my comfort zone, into the unknown.

In the third experiment, which I also chose as my final project, I full on dove into the unknown. For someone who does not really like creative writing, I decided to write eight (count ’em EIGHT) short stories based on the original images from the photoblog. Yes, safe to say, I was well out of my comfort zone, but I also really enjoyed toying with the pictures and crafting short stories around them. I set all eight stories in the mind of an unknown narrator, forcing myself (a comfortable narrative writer) to enter the mind of another, a fictictious person, and write from their perspective.

All three experiments helped me explore a variety of genres (do you know how many cheesy explore gifs there are it’s ridiculous). I’m looking forward to completing my final project (well outside my comfort zone).


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