Experimenting with Experiments


I feel like what has been working for me is figuring out little by little how to put my experiments up on my eportfolio and designing and organizing everything. Once I can worry less about the little things and get them out of the way, it will be easier and less stressful for me to put my final project together because I can focus on just that and everything else will be complete and posted.

I think my decision to turn my experiments into poems for my final project is beneficial because I have had time to process my ideas and feelings related to what I have already created. I’m ready for everything to come together. I learned that taking risks ultimately makes a piece more interesting and I appreciate it more. Even if it doesn’t work out, at least it is clear that you tried to do something different and unique.

One thought to “Experimenting with Experiments”

  1. Jana, I love your last line in this post. I feel we all need to hear that sometimes. In striving to be (excuse the cheesiness) to leaders and the best, we can lose sight of all the efforts we put into getting there, especially when we don’t make it.
    Trying different things and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones can be so important for personal growth too. I’m glad you’re taking this route with your final project. Best of luck!

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