Final Challenge Journal: The Challenge of Being “Done”

It’s over! The project is turned in and I feel ~weird~ about it. I cannot believe this journey has ended (that’s cliché ew). But, I really cannot believe that I am done with the Minor in Writing. I am so happy that I stumbled upon it my sophomore year. This minor has introduced me to the best lecturers, peer-edit groups that actually work, and a new appreciation for the craft. I cannot imagine the last two years without it.

The challenge of saying goodbye is one that I wish I could postpone a little longer. I cannot compare this to any other experience. That’s the challenge. I want to reflect on how I felt after I turned in my Gateway Project, but when I turned that in, I knew I would be coming back to work on something new.

Turning in my Capstone has left me feeling nostalgic and proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish at this University. If I could offer any advice to a future Capstone student, I’d say “trust yourself.” You know what you are doing and what you want your finished product to look like. I struggled to understand how I was going to get to a final product, but somehow it just came together. It took months to start writing, but I eventually started, and that’s what matters.

Shelley’s words of advice to “just start writing” really do help. Just start writing. You will surprised at what comes out of you.

Thank you, Minor in Writing team, for giving writers a place to express themselves. I am so excited to see everyone’s Capstone Project.

Here’s to us and the challenge of being done!

2 thoughts to “Final Challenge Journal: The Challenge of Being “Done””

  1. Hey Anna, congrats on being done! I envy you–still got a long ways to go. I’m so excited to see your and everyone else’s projects once I finally finish mine!

    I totally relate to what you’re saying. Even though I’m not quite done with this project, I’m done with all my other things, and I’m feeling this weird, empty sensation. I’ve been in school for most of my remembered life, always working on something, always behind on something…and suddenly, that’s all gone. What now?

    It’s sort of sad that the system makes us feel this way, but I hope that with your few weeks of free time (since I know you start your next job super soon), you can just be proud of all you’ve done and worked for over the past 4, 16 years, reflecting on everything you learned and how to apply them. Hopefully, you’ve learned more than what you can apply in your job, and you can apply some stuff to your life as well.

    Cheers to you and all of us graduating!

  2. Hi Anna,

    Congratulations on being done! So exciting. It is crazy to think back to our Gateway course and remember how we were just starting out. Since I knew the Capstone course was coming, I told myself I should prepare an idea for a new project. However, time flew by, and before I knew it I was walking into the Capstone class for the first time — idea-less. I had a feeling about the general topic I wanted to explore, but not anything specific. It took me a while to land on that, and then even longer to pull it all together. And at last… we’re done. I agree that a really important piece of advice is “just start writing.” That was part of the reason it took me so long to finally pull my ideas together– I was so overwhelmed I didn’t know where to start. But I just needed to start and not think so much about it.

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