Freaking out

I HAVE NO TIME! I didn’t realize how ambitious my project was until I started writing. Maybe I should’ve known that thinking through 21 years of relationships in tandem with my identities would not be an easy task…

As I’m trying to finish up my project, I’m finding myself getting stuck on the details of the past. I think this is why it’s taking so long–because there’s so much of my life to go through, I can’t figure out what moments to focus on, where to end the stories, how to connect them. After talking to Shelley, I decided to completely edit my structure and make parallels between current moments and moments from my past, but even still.

Now that I’m thinking about it, there might be a deeper reason for my getting stuck on the past details: for some reason, I find myself avoiding writing about my current relationships. That’s the whole point of my project, but with graduation literally right in front of me, it’s sort of scary to actually confront them…

Basically, I’m mildly freaking out because I have, like, three days to write and all these barriers. Any advice or words of comfort would be appreciated!

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  1. Hey, Minji! Sorry my advice or words of comfort are arriving slightly late.. I felt the EXACT same. As my project came to fruition, I realized there was no way I would complete it. So, I did my best to wrap it together with what I had, in order to submit. However, just like college and your community and your friendships, they don’t just end. Ideas and relationships live for a long time in our minds, and this project seems to have unleashed ideas that can’t be ironed out in just 3 months. While that may be nerve-racking for submission details, it is kind of a cool thing to consider moving forward. We can create whatever we want, whenever we want. And we can finish it the same way. Not many classes set you up to continue a creative project even after the curtain closes.

    So, maybe (like me) dog-ear it, and come back to it later. Good luck, and I’m sure what you create will be magnificent!



  2. Dear Minji,

    I felt exactly like that too. I felt like I had this huge idea in my head and then when I started putting it into writing and then a website; it felt like too much to do and no time. I questioned myself and what I wrote about, I changed my mind on what I had previously written, it felt like so much.
    Personally, with all my other finals and everything else, I decided to choose my battles to get this project done. What was really important to me? What did I want 100% and what did my project need 100%? It might not be perfect but it will be the best version you can give. And nothing and no one stops you from exploring those question deeper and go back to it in the future and add on to it or change things if you want to. You got this!!!

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