Get your writing out there friends

Hey friends,

I just wanted to give thanks to this program because of the opportunities continuously pumped out to us on the Sometimes Weekly. I’ve enjoyed all the opportunities to at least keep up with what’s going on. For example, I know a few of us, including myself, took the time to apply to The Edit on the NYTimes. Has anything come of it? No. Will anything? Probably not. But the act of taking time to write something AS AN APPLICATION FOR THE TIMES IS IMPORTANT. It means that you take yourself seriously as a writer, and I think that’s the most important aspect of the minor. Being in class with everyone has taught me that we all came in as competent, strong writers. What we perhaps need to learn is how to take that and run with it in a new direction.

I think of Emma Y’s decision to use the Gateway as a time to explore her future career path through writing, and she looked at how she can use her skills at writing to make herself more useful in that career. I loved seeing her children’s book as an example of this. This isn’t to say I will be doing my capstone project on something in finance, god forbid, but it’s essential that I work in projects like this in my work this summer. Thinking as a writer will make me a better asset to the team and able to take on unique challenges, or craft my job in a more interesting way.

So with this in mind, keep thinking of yourself as a writer and please please keep submitting things to those who are interested! There are sites out there for all sorts of the different types of projects. For example, last semester I did my first flash fiction. I submitted it to the journal Brevity. Did I get accepted? No! But dammit it was good writing! I’m glad I did it, and glad I am taking more chances.

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