Getting Down to Business

While it feels like everyone else is wrapping up their projects, I feel like I still have so much to do. I’ve been lucky to have a clear idea of my project since its conception, of course with some reworking of the details, but I think having it come so easily has made me push off finishing major components, such as writing final drafts of each section of my project. Instead, I’ve been spending more time working on the design of my website. This stemmed from how disappointed I was in the creation of my gateway website, and having something look so uninspiring to me made me not want to put my hardest work into it.

Now, though, with my website skills looking a little better (I hope), I am excited to get working on the final draft of my project.

Something that was brought up in a workshop of my website recently is that I need to look at the site from the reader’s perspective and cater it to what best fits their needs. Since my project is very research-based (lolol in more than one way), I will need to make each page digestible and engaging to anyone who happens upon them. I will focus on making each page a lot more visual — this will kind of “fix” something I’ve changed about my project, which is to no longer include an infographic. Instead, I hope that each page of the site is infographic-based, with pop out boxes giving more info as well as images. Though this feels like a lot of work right now (and I still plan on making quizzes too!) I know that it’ll be exciting to work on, which is what matters most for me.


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