Here’s to (me)? Nah…

So the bio section is a little weird. When I was first setting up my site for the og workshop I was all “yeah I’m gonna link my Instagram, It’s gonna be a little mysterious and fun.” And then I looked at it.

My Instagram is basically all food. That has nothing at all to do with my project.

Frankly, fun and mystery don’t really have very much to do with my project.

My bio so far feels a world away from the rest of the site. How do I remedy this?

I think that my initial bio ideas would make sense for some sort of author website, but this is a project website. So, I need to lose the personality extensions (insta, quirk, mirth) and mold it into something a bit more architectural and, potentially, angry.

The site example I looked at from previous capstones was an activism project, which isn’t too far off from where I’m trying to leave my own project. His bio was all about the labor activism that he had been involved with in and around campus. So maybe my bio turns into an open cover letter?

I say this, because I’ve been applying to jobs like crazy, and all of my cover letters have the common element of me wanting to live/work/make an impact in my community. This project is all about that community. Writing this now, it seems hecking obvious. And I’m sure anyone reading this who knows anything about my project is like “duh, ur dum.” But it never ceases to astound me how we can compartmentalize things so much in our heads that it takes a few months and an army for the lines between them to start to blur.

I’m so used to separating Job and School. And now School is about to go away, at least for a year while I regain some mental capacity and health, and Job is going to take over. I wonder if something might replace School in my head’s filing cabinets, or if it won’t ever quite go away until after my masters. Or if I decide to teach at some point, which I kind of want to, maybe it will just transform a bit? Because I do like have compartments; I think it makes my inner life categorization a bit easier, even if my desk is a literal mess.


desk mess studio work space
                         actually me rn



Anyway, I really do hope that I keep being able to have separation in the parts of my life, even when the categories become less outwardly defined. I love the moment when things just ‘click’ together. During my time here, this usually happened between different classes, which was honestly one of the most exciting things, because it made me feel like I was on track, and that everything really was connected. Not being sappy, just being real.

I think that’s my end of semester mantra.

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