How the In-Class Workshop Impacted My Capstone

Leading up to my in-class workshop, I felt like I had worked very hard on my project site and turned over every stone to make sure it was perfect. I am the kind of person that does something until I get it exactly right, or feel like I do. This is how I have approached my project, and even with the minor roadblocks or setbacks, I am very confident and excited about the product that I am putting forward, my podcast and project site.

Thursday was my workshop day. The class and Professor Julie had so many great ideas about how to improve my site. Some included minor adjustments such as adding a “fun fact” section about each of the podcast respondents. Other larger suggestions, offering a much more time consuming process, included creating a tab for each of my secondary research topics. While it took me some time to learn how to do this and complete it, I can already see how my site appears so much less clustered and clearer.

The moral of this blog is two fold. First, this process continued to teach me the positive effect new eyes and my classmates can have on my work. Their suggestions really made my work even stronger. This will challenge me to think even more critically about their projects to hopefully have a similar impact on their capstones. Second, while it originally was a bit hard to take criticism on something that I had worked so hard on and spent so much time with, it was these critiques that have continued to escalate my project to new heights and it is all because of my classmates and our professor during my workshop.

One thought to “How the In-Class Workshop Impacted My Capstone”

  1. Dear Louis,
    I totally understand how you feel in that last point you made! So much so that I would not even share my Capstone at a certain point with my group because I felt too sensitive about it. I wrote a blog post about this as well because I obviously appreciate feedback but find myself getting defensive about certain decisions I make because I look at it as my baby almost; something I’ve worked so hard on. I think it is good to realize this because it will make you a lot more conscious of feedback that you give others. Since my idea was workshopped the first week I have tried to be über sensitive about the way I address others’ and their intentions.
    I think that your capstone is so great! You have done so much research and have interviewed awesome, relevant people. The content is interesting and exciting! It is hard to realize sometimes that there is always room for improvement and at certain times, you just have to realize that you’ve made excellent progress!

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