Last Call

WOW.  What a semester.  As I sit here to write what will be my last challenge journal of my semester and the last blog for the writing minor/ of my college career, I am in a manic state.  There is so much to be done but such little time left.  Motivation is also running short, as I have secured a position at a firm and have moving plans in place in the next 3 weeks.  WOW, again… if I didn’t sound freak-outish enough the first time.

Here are the two biggest challenges I’ve worked through over the last week and will continue to do so throughout the next two weeks.

  1.  TIME. I am working through two thesis classes at the current.  It is a constant push and pull between the two.  Thesis classes are a blessing and a curse, because they will take up every last hour of your day but they are informative and life changing, as long as you give it what it needs.  Working through two thesis’ at the same time…. that’s a different beast.  Especially in the last couple of weeks of them, as that is the time for production.  If you don’t pump the breaks on the research early enough, you’ll be stuck with unfinished products at the end of it all.  That is the WORST feeling of all.  SO in effort to give both of my thesis’ the time they deserve, I’ll be wrapping this project up a whole WEEK early, before the deadline of my second project, my capstone thesis for my Architecture studio course.  It WILL all get done.  I’ve selected this method of work because it is tried and tested.  I’ve used this artificial deadline approach almost every semester of my college career.  Architecture studios typically take 8-10 days of FULL work ONLY on that project in order to develop a solid set of drawings and models.  Ready to do what it takes for both!!
  2. MOTIVTION.  Quite honestly, it is getting hard to hang in there with the end of school right now.  I have plans set after graduation and I have people I want to spend time with before I leave.  Some who are moving half way across the world in the next few months.  YIKES.  I also want to finish really strong in my schoolwork.  I want to leave feeling like the chapter has been closed.  To sit comfortably with what I have created in the last few months of my time here.  The same situation held true at the end of my high school career, too.  That was a little different, however, because the work load then and now are widely different.  My strategy will be to block out the emotions, to be quite honest.  I think that is the scary reality of architecture school, or of college at whole.  Produce, produce, produce.  Rest comes after graduation!  In fact, my other thesis is related to drugs and production culture that we all participate in.  Why are we like that?

Well, adios for now, Blog.  Best regards ~

Caroline Petersen

Caroline is a contributing writer to the Sweetland Minor in Writing Blog. She is an architect in training and spends a lot of her time sipping on cappuccinos and discussing elements of malfunctioning building features. She is a city girl who spent her elementary summers in the middle of Iowa at her aunt and uncles farm. She is a woman of many (unusual) facets that are traditionally fairly useless.

One thought to “Last Call”

  1. Caroline,
    I can sure relate to the senior excitement/blues as the semester has somehow managed to creep to an end. Where has the time gone?!
    I can relate a lot to your situation, obviously as a fellow senior, but also because I, too, am trying to make the most of my final weeks at Michigan while finishing strong. This capstone project has turned into something I’m proud of, so I want to make it the best it can be. I commend you for the dedication to get things done earlier so you can focus on other projects. Have you made your capstone project overlapping with your theses (I think that’s the plural of thesis…) to make working on the three easier?
    Best of luck in your last few weeks, you got this!

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