Me, a musician? Hah, what no.

Photo credit: Hannah Milkie my childhood friend

A one, two, one two three! My plan is to record a song I wrote for the final project… Saying that makes me feel like an imposter, but I really want to bring this plan to fruition. I have always wanted to record and fully edit a song. It has been hard to find the time, the motivation and the resources necessary for recording. However, I have one close friend who is in the music school here at U of M who is willing to help me record and edit! Yikes!

I have already written the song, and feel totally comfortable singing it when hidden in my own room, completely alone without an ear to judge how I sound for what feels like miles and miles. The next steps, though, are a little harder than simply sitting on my floor and strumming my guitar while singing. I need to rent a recording room in the Dude, I need to coordinate recording times with my buddy, and most importantly I need to channel my inner musical-confidence so that I can make the recording process as easy as possible.

Photo credit: My childhood friend Hannah Milkie

My sketch will help because it contains the lyrics to my song. I look forward to finally having a hard copy of some of my music, and I hope to potentially also have a video that the music plays along with but that will not be possible for this final project. I would need more time for that. I’m concerned that my recording won’t go well and that no amount of takes will make it sound better. But I hope that if I am confident enough going into the studio that I will be ok!

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  1. I love your intro to this post! In my head, I could hear you saying that out loud before starting a concert, and I really appreciate the mood it sets for your post. And be confident — you got this! Can’t wait to hear your song 🙂

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