MiW #words #of #wisdom!

Welcome to the Minor in Writing! You are in for quite the ride, don’t worry I mean that in a fun way. Throughout this semester under the instruction of T in the gateway to the MiW, I have definitely grow as a writer. I have been exposed to genres of writing that I originally did not even think were genres—photoessays, songs, zines, children’s books, etc. I have met countless incredible writers and have written in my journal more than I have ever in my life. This semester may have been tough at times, but it was well worth the struggles. Here are a few tips and tricks to making your own gateway semester incredible!

  1. Try new things, go out of your creative comfort zone.
  2. Keep a journal, it’ll be fun to look back on one day and it helps you grow as a writer.
  3. Talk to your instructor about your life outside of class. Talk to them about your writing and new things you are reading.
  4. Get to know yourself and others through this class.
  5. Know your work will change and things won’t go as expected. It is all part of the fun!
  6. Talk to your classmates! Get to know them! Make a group chat to ask questions in.
  7. Enjoy yourself!


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