My 2 cents

This class has been instrumental in improving my writing, so here are a few words of wisdom that has made my Gateway Experience amazing and also things I wish I did more.

  1. Workshop, workshop, workshop. The most valuable aspect of this class is the people in it. I learned the most and improved the most from listening to people critique my writing and sharing their own. I know it is daunting to just let people go to town on your writing but I promise it is so valuable.
  2. Don’t be afraid to try new things. I cannot promise you that they will go well or work at all, but there is no way of knowing without trying.
  3. Something that I was not great at was staying focused during the in-class writing prompts. I would keep my pen moving, as T asked for but I never produced anything great. Listening to some of the writing that my classmates put out during this time always made me wish that I took it more seriously because it is a great chance to just write without being graded or judged or limited in any way.
  4. Most importantly, create relationships within your section. The people that I have grown close to this semester have made me a better writer, person, and teammate and I am so grateful.

Go on now, Write!

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