nearing the end

A photo essay.

A lyric essay.

A play.

These were my three experiments this semester in the Writing Gateway course. Each presented its own challenges and rewards, and each were vastly different.

In the dance department, we are required to take four semesters of dance composition. In our first semester, we learn that there are “rules and tools” we can use when we’re making a dance:


changing the facing

playing with tempo



Those changes are personal, physical, and, as a result, tangible–we’re changing and composing on our own bodies. These writing experiments have helped me realize that same kind of significant change in myself and my voice. Each experiment that I chose to do was in a genre that I knew little to nothing about, which, in a way, was freeing. I was free to explore, free to try, free to fail.

What I learned most from these experiments is how to trust my creative voice; this is not to say that it’s perfect or brilliant or even eloquent most days. But new growth begins in the absurd and unexpected, and a lot of the work we do has to be bad before it’s any semblance of good.

One thought to “nearing the end”

  1. I really like the spacing you use in the blog post (I can see that lyric essay practice coming into play!). It really helps my eyes catches those words, ponder them, read them over and over again. I also like the parallelism between the writing and dance here, both in the structure of your blog posts and in the connections you write. And I’ve got to agree with your last point: the experiments have definitely encouraged me to trust me creative voice, especially as I write my final project.

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