omg we’re done, xoxo Gossip Girl

Hi MiW Cohort!

Okay – I figured I should revise this post now that I’m actually done done with all of my finals. When I wrote it yesterday, I was in the middle of writing another paper and I couldn’t even think about the euphoria or gratification that everyone around me seemed to be feeling.

Anyways, here is my project (link below). The site is a look into the world of tattooing and an exploration of the meaning of life. I wrote a semi-autobiographical short story about a girl who copes with her absurd existence by getting tattoos. As the introduction notes, “One tattoo session shifts two people. A story about the simultaneous search for and rebellion against making order of life.” The site also features quotes from prominent people in the tattoo world in an effort to extend the conversation of the meaning of tattoos past the short story.For perusing – I suggest reading the short story first. It is under Work–>Capstone.

Creating this project was a delightful test in the art of resilience and burnout. In other words, it was so exhausting (but in a good way). One of the pleasures of the Writing Minor is that it allows you to do ANYTHING. This is a double-edged sword because then you want to do EVERYTHING. I think I changed my mind about my project like four times throughout the semester, and it didn’t really click until just a few weeks ago. But like all things in life, it turned out to be okay.

For future 420 classes my advice is twofold: start early and do what you love. Thank you Shelley for letting me to that in your class. Also thank you for the brilliant titles to my project site tabs.

When I finished the gateway class, I uploaded a video of Kanye giving a speech (see here). And to commemorate that, I will upload another video of Kanye giving another speech.


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