On Observation


This project has been a headache and a blessing…. all at the same time.  And quite honestly, I couldn’t have hoped for anything better.  Wrapping my life up here in Ann Arbor has been messy and exhausting and this project has returned some comfort to me in places of my life that I was rather unsure about.

Gentrification, an Infestation has helped to prepare me for my future in Brooklyn, NY.  What I learned from documenting my research is that being an observer/ being aware of current, past, and future conditions is of utmost importance in terms of moving forward as a society.  While you can’t necessarily tell people how to live or change, you can at least ask for them to be knowledgable about their impacts and hope that their moral-selves will edit their lifestyle when necessary.

While the project isn’t perfect and I had hoped for a larger answer or outcome, I think I have learned and reflected upon a valuable skill: of being observant.  Deep-read/ observation will be very important to the ways that I carry myself in Brooklyn so that I am continuously informed of my impositions on the existing context.  For now, that is all I can ask of myself.  For later…. who knows 😉

Caroline Petersen

Caroline is a contributing writer to the Sweetland Minor in Writing Blog. She is an architect in training and spends a lot of her time sipping on cappuccinos and discussing elements of malfunctioning building features. She is a city girl who spent her elementary summers in the middle of Iowa at her aunt and uncles farm. She is a woman of many (unusual) facets that are traditionally fairly useless.

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