Strangely confident in my lack of revision

When I looked back for my Writer’s manifesto that I had written at the beginning of the semester, I was sure that I would need to change it to fit what I learned this semester. I am a new writer with new knowledge and skills, so I figured those novelties would be something I need to include in my manifesto.

Turns out, the reason why I write is the exact same as what it was in the beginning of the semester, maybe even more strongly so. Find a passion and follow it. Give it your all. Pour your soul into it. No matter what I know, or what challenges I’ve faced, or how experienced of a writer I am, passion drives me. And the ride is so worth it.

ps I love fonts so sue me

One thought to “Strangely confident in my lack of revision”

  1. Emma, I love the use of different fonts here! And they have such personality — I like the way they tie into the words themselves, especially when you talking about using fancy words in a fancy font.

    I completely agree with using writing to find your passion. Sometimes I can feel a little swamped or lost, but writing always help guide me back to the path.

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