summer is coming

Summer is Coming and


This semester has been rough. I am finishing up the second semester of junior year at this lovely University. I have an internship position in Florida this summer at a company that I would love to work at after school. I am hopefully passing my last Spanish class (fingers crossed for me). These may seem like positives but it has been quite a ride to achieve these milestones.

There has been an inner struggle, and I think many people feel the same way, to figure out what I really want to do with my life. We are at the age, or at least junior year, where people are starting to think about grad school, start taking the MCAT and the LSAT, and here I am not considering another 2-4-8 years in school. I love this place but I can’t imagine spending another couple of years in a classroom. I enjoy working so I hope to find a job after school that fits that. A job, any job, would be fine. I just want to be that senior who relaxes because they are employed and are not stressing over the fact for their last semester of school.

In relation to writing for this summer, the Gateway class has prepared me to have more meaningful conversations about what is on my mind. It also inspired me to read as many books as possible to try and find my voice more in preparation for the capstone this upcoming year. Hopefully, I can find the time during my forty hours weeks to sneak a few pages of reading in a day or while I am laying on the beach. My goal is to finally finish the Harry Potter series.

I look forward to seeing you all back here in Fall 2018 for the best senior year ever!

~Julia S.

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