the beginning of the end

When the semester began, I was really excited to see the unique layout of this class. “Ahhh so much freedom,” I thought. But, crap. I’m not a creative person. I’m used to guidelines and structure — it makes me feel comfortable. But, I realized that they’ve restricted me and my ideas in the past. When you’re told, “do whatever you want” it forces you to think about what you actually want to do (sometimes you have no idea), how you’d go about doing it (production plans weren’t really my thing), and why you would do it (I found what I’m passionate about). It forced me to take risks, be uncomfortable, and to actually learn.

In regard to the experiments, I truly enjoyed them. Having the opportunity to taste test different genres allowed me to try things that I probably never would have.

As an avid planner, nothing drove me crazier than when my experiment didn’t go where I expected it to. But, I learned that it’s okay. My first experiment ended up as a completely different genre by the time I finished the sample, but I learned more from this ~adventure~ than I would have if my sample went as planned. It’s all part of the process.

The first time T mentioned a peer review activity that we were going to do, I rolled my eyes. I thought back to english 125 and how these activities were epic failures. I can’t remember a single comment from my peers that actually helped me edit my paper. But, this year my viewpoint took a complete 180, like Miley Cyrus after her and Liam Hemsworth broke up a few years ago. I received thoughtful, applicable critiques, and also learned how to give the same in return. I realized that 2 minds working together is better than 1 (shout out T for those incredible one on one meetings where she makes you feel like anything is possible). But, 16 minds is better than 2 (shout out to my gateway classmates and T for their help and support throughout this semester). My final project wouldn’t be the same without them.


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