The End is Near

It feels hard to believe that I’m almost done with my capstone project, the minor in writing, and my undergraduate experience here. It doesn’t even feel real. My capstone has been such a positive experience compared to how I usually feel about writing for classes. I think it’s because I decided to write about something I already knew about and had a passion for – both things were crucial for me to truly enjoy investing my time in this project over the entire semester. But, I also shouldn’t get too reflective on it as if it’s a finished product – it definitely isn’t yet! I have a lot of writing, editing, and creating left to do before I’m satisfied with my website. I know that when I’m done with it, I will feel proud because of how passionate I am about the writing I’m doing.

To be honest, in my entire time here at U of M, I’ve felt my writing get worse and worse and worse. Maybe it’s because I literally procrastinate everything until it’s almost turned in late. Maybe it’s because I’ve learned so much about how to write that I’ve felt like a beginner starting from square one compared to my classmates. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t totally passionate about my writing topics. I feel that with this project, I’ve learned how to start the writing process. You start by thinking of what you are passionate about, and then let the ideas snowball and take shape and form into what feels like a temporary final product (because who knows, you may want to revisit it, and, dare I say, repurpose or remediate it?) So, I’m just really happy that I finally see myself growing in my writing. I’m starting to write about what I’m passionate about and already know about, even if the ease of it always felt wrong. It’s okay if it feels easy, I think it’s supposed to.

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