The Last One

Wow. This semester as gone by so fast. I can’t believe that it is already the end.This is the last challenge Journal that I will be writing and I feel like it was just yesterday that I was writing my first one about Rituals. It feels crazy to me that in just a few days my entire project will be done and I will be graduating. It is bittersweet. I remember felling the exact same way when my Gateway class ended. I loved this class and I have loved working on this project. Here is a look back on my challenge and what I wish I would have known/done/had.


I feel like at the beginning of the semester I felt like I had all the time in the wolrd to finish that project. I did not. All of the sudden I was out of time and still had so much that I wanted to do. Researching is great but spending all your time reading books even if you love them and like to learn new stuff is not going to get your project done. I have read many books but I have not written about them half as much as I thought I would. Don’t waste all of your time and energy into one thing. I am a professional prograstinator. My best work is done at the last minute. I am not even saying this to try and explain myself. My best work really gets done at the last minute. Every single time I have finished some papers really earlier, before the deadline I ended up with a bad grade. Everytime I wrote something last minute, with just all of it already finished up in my mind, I pulled through and ended up with some of my best papers. However, in such a big project it is a good idea to start writing things before the last day. Even I didn’t.


The problem with writing about a topic like Wicca, which I got interested in because of a TV show is that watching another episode always sounds like a good, valid excuse. IT IS NOT. Even when I would get an idea or a whole page of things I could write about in my head I would never do it right away. I can do it later. It’s fine. Let me tell you something. You probably won’t have more motivation tomorrow so just get it over with and write it down now.


It might seem weird but talking is so helpful. Talking with my roommates, people in my classes and professors about my project has helped me a lot because everyone has a different idea on everything nd anything. Let me tel you that as far as Wicca, nobody refused to talk to me about what they though because they were intrigued but in addition, not two people really thought about it the same way. It was really interesting to hear different things about my project and the topic of my project because they were ideas and thoughts that I would not have think of myself.


Sometimes, or Often, it is a good idea to stop for a second. Stop thinking about the project, stop reading about your topic, stop going places you go for your project, just stop. Do something else, think of something else or you might just turn yourself crazy. So breath in, Breath out and go do something else. You got this!

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