To future MiW students

You probably have read a lot of these advices so far. Mine is not any different from the others. See it as a reflection on “Things About the MiW Gateway That I Wish I Had Known Earlier”

  • Be adventurous

Do not be afraid to write in the genres that you have never tried before. Take this opportunity to explore other types of writings and know that you have your instructor and classmates to help you out. This is the time for you to write that poem you have always wanted to write, or the elaborate scenes and plot that you have been writing in your head. Going into this head on will feel daunting, but be bold. You’ve got this!

  • Be open to changes and surprises

Sometimes how your experiments turn out will surprise you. Be accepting of it. Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Things might have turned out that way because it is your first time writing in a different genre, or maybe because during that time you also have thirteen exams going on. Again, be kinder to yourself.

  • Meet your instructor

T is amazing! Whenever you feel lost or unsure of what is going on in class, schedule a meeting with your instructor. They know best what is expected of you for the class. They can also guide you to frame your thoughts. They have really cool office spaces too! I always come back from T’s office with a new reading material added to my to-read list.

  • Enjoy the class

At one point, the gateway class will feel like “just another class.” Those days are inevitable, but live on for joyful days when writing class is a time to wind down from other demanding classes. When I say enjoy the class, what I mean is make full use of it. Engage with the class materials and activities.

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