Welcome to My Capstone: “A Court of Silence”

“A Court of Silence” is a collection of testimonies from my experiences working in legal offices, observing court hearings, and interviewing attorneys. These stories reflect the blatant discrimination that exists in our legal system. This site is their home. These stories live on here. I have had many fears approaching this project. One of which is the fear that you will leave this site without feeling the anger that I’ve felt; the anger that I am still feeling. If nothing else, I hope you walk away from this site feeling like you’ve learned something about the criminal justice system.

This has been my favorite project to date. Thank you to my mentor, Erin Lavin, for her words of wisdom. Thank you, Shelley, for always offering your eyes and ears at any time of day.

Let’s shatter the silence.

Find my project here: https://anfraser2.wixsite.com/courtofsilence

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