Who I am

If my writing could jump off of the pages and become it’s own person, it would be a duplicate of myself. My writing is me. Stubborn, passionate, and tenacious. I hate changing my style of writing , it’s always been the same. Just like me. Whether I’m writing to relieve stress or writing a paper for class, my writing has always had this certain “taste” to it.  I Like the way I write but notice that when there is a time for me to switch up or change I don’t, or It’s very hard for me to. I hope in the future that I can (not necessarily change) but try different styles of writing.

This class personally challenged me because most of the things we did were out of my comfort zone or were difficult for me to process. Being stubborn makes it hard for me to make changes and doing three different experiments requires that. Taking feedback and applying it for me is difficult because I don’t like to change what I have planned, and me being extremely stubborn makes it hard for me to change.

I write for several different purposes and right now in my experience as a writer i’m not sure where I stand. I know that this class has helped me to grow as a writer and step out of my comfort zone. I’ve even noticed a change in my comfort level when reading out loud. I am more confident in my writing as well as more willing to share with other people my writing, even if . I think it may be embarrassing or that they wont understand the way in which I write. When I started writing i wrote for stress relief and creativity, and now I still like this still remains true but I am doing it with more confidence and purpose. This class challenged me to be creative with purpose, not just creative and unorganized or messy but to have a purpose in everything you write.

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