Wisdom From a Puerto Rican

This is an announcement to all those who are deciding whether or not to take the minor. I would tell you to take it. Not as much for the writing but more for the people. You will be a part of a community of people all from different backgrounds with different personalities with mostly one thing in common, they chose to take the minor. As a beginning to the minor, you have to go through the gateway and these are my words of wisdom to survive the beginning of the journey.

  • Expect the unexpected – Be prepared to have an assignment dropped on your shoulders at the end of every class. Even if it seems it’s not coming, trust me it is. As a result, have some time set out each week for these assignments regardless of whether they’re coming or not. If you get an assignment then you have the time set up to do it. If you don’t have something then congratulations, go watch Netflix or something.
  • Experiment – The gateway is all about experimenting with your writing. You will be asked to take something old you’ve written and convert it into a variety of things. Don’t be scared to think of crazy or insane ideas to transform it into because, regardless of what it is, they’ll tell you to do it.
  • Don’t go quietly into the night – Make your presence known in the class, don’t sit in the back and stay quiet (no one did this in my class). The gateway and the minor is about creating a community, making friends, and connecting with people so let people know you exist in the class. Don’t be scared to read the daily writing (you’ll know eventually what this is).
  • Enjoy it – Last, but not least, enjoy the gateway to the fullest. If you don’t make any fun out of it then you will be stuck feeling like you’re just striking things to do off a list. Have fun with it and the time will fly by.

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