Let’s get some things written down

The whole point of this post is to share our writing manifesto but I have completely revised my thinking on writing in some ways since the beginning of this semester as I have done more writing independently and really taken time to consider what type of writing i love and what writing I am not so crazy about! Also, I completely lost the original copy (truth comes out).


I write here about what it means to me to be a writer, and the inherent ego in it. I hope you don’t all think me an egomaniac because of this.


4 thoughts to “Let’s get some things written down”

  1. Does all writing have to be shared? For writing 300, the class required to become a consultant at Sweetland, we talk about Kenneth Bruffee’s essay, in which he states social to be a social construct, an artifact shared between two people. I wonder if this always hold true. Do we always write to share, to enact social change? Can we ever write for ourselves? I’m wondering how diary entries fit into this, but then I think about the power of Anne Frank’s diary. I guess all writing has potential for social change; whether we act upon it or not, is up to us.

    1. Well I said this post is meant to be shared- but I don’t think writing HAS to do this. I do think the physical act of writing makes it permanence as I say in my manifesto. But if everyone read my journal I’d be pissed! Interesting things for me to think about Ruchita! Thanks for checking it out.

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