Max Marcovitch introduction

Hello fellow minor in writing students,

My name is Max Marcovitch — or as you might prefer to call me: “that one guy in the class.” When I’m not writing in class, I’m probably writing outside of class. I’m heavily involved in the Michigan Daily as one of the sports editors, covering the football team. Last year I covered the basketball team, and got to travel with them all the way to the Final Four. If you watched some of their games, you might remember where you were when Jordan Poole hit his game-winning shot. I was about 15 feet to his right. (There’s a photo at the bottom from that trip)

In case you haven’t gathered, I like sports, but that’s enough about sports.

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia (I’m actually the fifth-generation on my mom’s side from ATL). I’m majoring in Political Science, and have been involved in a few campaigns in the past. I’m also minoring in History of Law and Policy. Do I want to go to law school? You’re only the 100000th person to ask. But this isn’t a forum to recite my resume. I like to think I’m a personable, friendly guy, and always looking to make friends. So come talk to me about politics, sports, existential life questions, pop culture, music, whatever. Looking forward to a fun class!

2 thoughts to “Max Marcovitch introduction”

  1. Has there ever been a time where you stepped outside your comfort zone of writing about sports, and found that you liked it?

    Also, definitely didn’t know there as a history of law and policy minor!

  2. Even though your track does seem like the “typical” (whatever that means) pre-law track, have you ever thought of pursuing a career in sports journalism? You seem to be extremely passionate about it, and I’m wondering if this has ever crossed your mind.

    Also, what are some differences you have noticed in your transition from the basketball beat to football? Do you have a preference for one or the other?

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