How is this already my 4th blog post?

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When I started developing this project I had a very clear vision: it would be divided into 3 parts (my intro, works I’ve used as inspiration, and my own work) and that would be it. But, as with pretty much everything in life, thing’s didn’t quite go as planned.

I started writing my introductory piece, but something felt off. I realized that in order to talk about the things I had outlined, I actually had to go back further – I couldn’t just talk about writing commercial storylines on long car rides without talking about the ad that ever inspired me to start writing them in the first place, and I definitely couldn’t talk about the significance of that ad in my life without giving deeper context. In short, I ended up writing a lot more than I expected.

Even more surprising, this project, which was originally pretty straight forward and relatively dry, has completely taken a new form. Rather than having three distinct yet related parts, I think I’m going to write one long personal essay in which all of the elements I wanted to touch on flow into each other. I’m still going to include a section which showcases my work, but I’ve realized that I want to put a greater emphasis on this personal essay.

I really have to thank Eva for this revelation; she shared her course pack with me from a previous writing class, and suggested I read a work called “Confluences.” I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of the author’s writing, and was inspired to rewrite my original piece. While my first draft was fairly dry and filled with cliches — something I’m really striving to overcome in my writing — my second draft is a piece I am much more proud of. Although it’s unfinished, I feel reinvigorated about my project, and am excited to see where it goes as I read more works from the course pack. Thank you again, Eva.

Additionally, I have to thank Sydni for her advice today because she helped me imagine what my final site will actually look like. The issue with my project, since I’m only planning to write out the storylines rather than produce them, is that there aren’t a ton of opportunities for me to include pictures or artwork. I am planning to imbed the video that inspired me to start writing, and I’m going to hyperlink any other videos I mention as well, but beyond that I was worried my page would seem pretty bland. Sydni suggested, however, that I include images of my work over the years. Even if these are pictures of abandoned projects or scribbled notes, it would be interesting to see my progression over time, and would provide the visual element I feared I would lack.

Beyond that, I don’t really have any more updates, but I’m interested to see how my project continues to change over the next couple of weeks.

P.S. I know the images I’ve been including in these posts may seem random, but I’ve just picked a couple of the ones I’ve stumbled upon through my research that I thought were interesting, so hopefully you guys appreciate them too.

One thought to “How is this already my 4th blog post?”

  1. Haha I love your title! It made me nose exhale, which is the closest to lol you can achieve while silently reading funny content. I think Syndi and Eva’s suggestions are awesome, and I’m so happy Eva’s coursepack was so helpful! Also, I like the images! I don’t pay much attention to billboards, so it’s nice to have one to look at and really study. It’s crazy how many things we just glance by in the day without ever really appreciating the work that went into it or beauty it has.

    All right, enough philosophizing. I totally agree with you that seeing your work over time would be exciting. I’m curious what the process looks like, even though I know nothing about marketing. It almost gives your readers the tools to do it themselves, showing them how easy (or not) it really is to write these things. Plus, I think it makes you seem more real to the audience: a scribbled note here, and ripped sticky note there. We’ve all been there, done that, which I think shows the genuineness of your process. So, great idea!

    I’m interested in learning more about the videos. What will they look like? What will you be doing? (You don’t have to answer these in a reply, because I’m not even sure you’ll see this comment, but I’d love to hear in class what you’re thinking). 🙂 Good luck! Keep up the awesome work; I’m really excited for your project!

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