A very rough cut

I’ve found that my unedited podcasts are a mess of tangents, mistakes, and attempting to figure out what Hanna and I are going to talk about next. So, deep in editing I don’t feel like I can see the big picture anymore–and didn’t feel prepared to constructively discuss what i’ve been working on and where i’m going next. The most useful parts of our meetings today was hearing about and feeling excited about Natalie and Brynn’s projects.

The rough cut for episode 2 is a mess, but the rough cut for episode 1 is much more workable and I would say is moving along nicely. I’ve been listening to a lot of other podcasts looking for a breakthrough (or maybe just excusing my own procrastination).


  1. The Daily
  2. Criminal
  3. Nancy
  4. A Piece of Work
  5. Song Exploder
  6. This American Life
  7. AND too many more to count…

photo sourced from: http://blog.leithbmw.com/make-roads-trips-bearable-with-podcasts/

But back to the episodes/my work…I’m trying to decide if our recording of episode 2 is worth salvaging or if we should give up and re-record it. Hanna and I are going to be recording episode 3 on Sunday, November 4th, so hopefully that episode is more cohesive and requires less editing! I’m thinking we might look at art books together during episode 3 and that might be helpful for grounding it a little more than our outline did in episode 2. I also think that our start and stop approach in recoding episode 2 caused more problems than it fixed. This might be a terrible idea, but I was exhausted when we recorded episode 2 and I’m considering drinking a bunch of coffee beforehand? My only concern is that I don’t want to end up so jittery that I talk too fast (although it would be fun to acknowledge my over-caffeinated state and I get really happy when i’m caffeinated haha).

One thought to “A very rough cut”

  1. Hey Eva! *adds comment over a month after this is posted*

    Anyway, I’m really into your podcast, and I’m not just saying that because I’m addicted to them! It was surprisingly really fun and grounding listening to you and your friend discuss all things art. I can totally hear the inspiration from other podcasts when I listened to yourself, especially from Piece of Work (bc art) and Nancy (bc friends chatting).

    I KNOW you said you didn’t like Love and Radio and I actually totally get it. I finally listened to the Secrets episode you said you listened to and it was…. intense. But it was also not a representation of the podcast, rather than an endless onslaught of fucked up secrets, each episode focuses on ONE narrative and 9 times out of 10 it’s that person only talking. Please please please please listen to their new episode “Point of Egress” I PROMISE YOU WILL LOVE IT

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