For me this project started out slow. I honestly didn’t know where I was going to go with the topic on bilingualism and at one point I didn’t think that I should stick with it Now, i’m at the interview stage of my project and I must say I’ve learned a lot about my bilingual friends. Some of their experiences of being bilingual are very synonymous to my experiences on bilingualism and some aren’t.

Recent break throughs:

  • emailed more people to interview (thanks T for asking around. You’re amazing)
  • i’m interviewing Fatima soon. Wooo!!
  • started typing up the interview transcripts
  • started outlining how my platform will look like

I think that as of now my only concern is trying to get enough people to interview. I plan on having about 6 t0 8 people to interview and so far I’ve only interviewed 3 people.

looking forward i hope to start creating my platform to present my project on. I can’t wait!!

i feel like everyone had a picture on their blog post so i think i’m going to follow suit and leave this here:     



One thought to “interviews…interviews…interviews”

  1. After a really long day, that picture is exactly what I needed, so thank you for that.

    I’m really excited to see where your project goes from here, and I’m really impressed that you plan to interview so many people. I know originally you were only planning on interviewing 3-4 people, so the fact that you’ve already accomplished that and are aiming to do 3 or 4 more is really amazing.

    I also know last class you said you wanted to keep some aspects of the interviews a mystery so that we could see how they unfold when you present them to us later, but now I’m really eager to know more. Are you planning to organize / edit them so that there’s a common trend throughout your interviews, or are you just waiting to see how they turn out naturally? I think it might be interesting to segment them, if possible, based on common themes, but obviously you won’t know if that’s even possible until you’ve finished interviewing everyone.

    Good luck with the rest of your project, it sounds great so far!

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