Introducing you to my Visual Essay

For my second experiment, I am switching what I planned to do on Thursday and am going to write a visual analysis on two images taken during the Kavanaugh hearings.  A visual analysis breaks down the components of an image and conveys an understanding of what those components symbolize and are trying to communicate to the audience. The three steps to a visual essay are describing, responding, and analyzing. First, you must describe the subject looking at colors and shading, background, people and places, and arrangements of the elements on the page. After you describe, you then must respond to the description. This section includes reacting to the image and seeing how it made you feel and think. It is then important to include context and analyze the image and the purpose it holds. The thesis should contain the main idea that surrounds the understanding of the visual subject.


Here are the two photos I plan on analyzing and comparing in my visual analysis

These two photos are of the same act, Brett Kavanaugh and Blasey Ford being sworn in, but have very different angles, backgrounds, and evoke different reactions. Comparing these two images side by side represent the discrepancies and injustices between men and women in our society and the societal structures that enforce them. I will also be able to use the biases in my analysis and explain how they evoke sympathy and demand attention from the public, a strategy that journalists and newsmakers use.

I think this genre will be perfect for my topic because it will allow me to use and analyze the visuals I want to include as well as incorporate the two biases of personalization and authority disorder bias. Having images is a huge component of my origin piece. I will touch on the biases that draw people’s attention to the media, and a visual analysis will fit those topics them in seamlessly. Excited to hear what you guys think 🙂

2 thoughts to “Introducing you to my Visual Essay”

  1. I like the new genre you’re exploring for your second experiment! It will pair nicely with your photo essay that you want to do for the final project. It’s really interesting to see how men and women were portrayed so differently for the same thing in the two pictures you chose. Do you know if they were photographed from the same person?

  2. Hi Sophie,
    I think this is a really interesting topic that is to relevant, especially nowadays, but which also has implications for older generations and even future generations. I think comparing these two images is a great way to highlight discrimination between the genders from the most fundamental start. I was wondering if you were planning on introducing the context of entire hearing, or if you were going for a more generalizable story, with less specific details? if you were doing the former were you going to look at other aspects of the individuals which may have led to them being photographed so differently, i.e. occupation, class etc. ?

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