I’ve Fallen In Love With My Teacher!

Yes, it’s true.

I’ve fallen madly in love.

I didn’t believe it at first. I couldn’t.

But here I am, entralled.

Who, might you ask?

Well, isn’t it obvious?

The one. The only.


That’s right.  Filip.

Who is Filip?  Filip is the video instructor on a few courses on DataCamp.com, a website I’ve recently subscribed to in order to learn more advanced R for my website and career.  He’s been there for me when I didn’t know the answer, he’s been there for me when I did.  And most importantly?  He’s been there when no one else was.

Oh, Filip


His charm, his wit, his DataCamp fitted polo T-shirt…

(NOTE:  I will not admit to stalking his linkedin.  How would I even find him?  It’s not like I know his name is Filip Schouwenaars…)

Wait, what was this post supposed to be about again?

Oh, yeah.  Rough cuts.



Rough Cut Reflection:

During the “rough cut” meetings, I got to know a little more about Fatima’s and Natalie’s projects.  While I wasn’t able to read 10000 words of Fatima’s novel, I was able to get a rough idea of her plot line and suggest some ideas on how to make the chapter titles more creative.  With Natalie, we went over the plot and we contemplated the benefits and drawbacks of stylizing the text (e.g. making different characters have different fonts, changing the fonts on vocab words).

In regards to my site, they were able to provide some ideas on how to make the site more accessible and what I should write my essays about!

I think today was hindered by the technical aspect of the site.  The amount of time that I need to explain just the structure of the site is taking away from developing it from a creative perspective.  While the website makes it much easier to explain my project, I found I didn’t really have a lot of time to dive into how to make my creative essays pop.  (I admit, this is mainly my fault.  It was me who decided to spend too much time describe the structure, when I assume it was pretty intuitive from the beginning.)


Project Updates:  

Currently I have 3/9 Shiny Apps built.  I’m taking a lot of courses on DataCamp.com to learn more about R and how to optimize my code.  I’ve finished Introduction to R, Intermediate R, and Intermediate R (Practice).   I’m currently learning about Importing Data into R.  While it might not seem relevant right now, all these courses are giving me more insight into how R works and how best to make R work for my website!


Additional Thoughts:

While I have a domain and a functioning website interface, they haven’t been connected yet.  I planned on doing it this weekend, but it slipped my mind.  I plan on going live in the next few days!

Also, I plan on continuing my marathon through DataCamp courses.  (This is due to general interest, but mainly the fact I’m dropping $30 on a monthly subscription.)

I’m looking into security for the website.  While my site doesn’t store any data long-term, when you’re actually interacting with the app, it’ll keep a temporary version of all your files while you process data.  I’m not sure if this data is vulnerable to hackers, so I’ll get to get to the bottom of this before I move to marketing the site to other labs.

Literally seconds ago, I just received an email from Christine, the Ph.D. primary investigator whose undergraduate research assistant taught me R.  She is thinks the site is a good idea and is happy to meet soon.  Hopefully we can meet within the next few weeks!


Fun Fact:

Our microbiome controls our appetite and could be significantly affecting our own personalities!  We are literally controlled by organisms in our poop 🙂   How shitty!


Until next time*

(*When we’re forced to post another blog post.)

2 thoughts to “I’ve Fallen In Love With My Teacher!”

  1. Honestly, I don’t know why I even bother writing blog posts because yours are so much more entertaining to read – you truly should start a blog, I would follow it religiously. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I desperately need a Filip in my life. Not necessarily for coding (the most I can do is make my computer say “hi”), but just for life in general.

    In all seriousness though, you continue to impress with every update on your project. I can’t believe you’re planning to go live so soon!! It’s really amazing how much you’ve been able to accomplish, and it honestly has inspired me to keep trudging along with my work (even when I can’t stand to look at it anymore).

    As far as getting security for you site, is that a feature you would have to pay for? Or is there a code you could write for that? I have to admit a lot of this coding stuff is over my head, so I apologize if these are stupid questions, but what you’re doing seems very legit and I hope you’ll end up getting support from the University for it. You deserve it.

    Keep up the amazing work, and can’t wait for the next update!!

    1. I’m going to have to second Brynn on this one; I hope “blogging” is one of your skills on your resume, because damn. Also, I too would religiously read your blog if you had one, which, coming from someone who’s been a self-proclaimed blog-hater for most of my life, is life-changing. Your blogs are basically life-changing.
      Lol but one a serious note, I love how you reeled us in with Filip. Filip is a stud, but I’m not sure how I feel about that polo. Regardless of Filip’s poor polo choices, your website is amazing and, I think I’ve said this a thousand times, but I can’t reiterate how professional and user-friendly it looks. You make NCBI, Genbank, and all the other trashy science programs look like child’s play. And it’s not just bootstraps doing all the work; that’s your genius, so take credit for it! 🙂

      Something I forgot to mention during workshop is that maybe #WOW could be a personal element of the project? Just a suggestion. Nothing more, you know? It’s not like I’m trying to keep the idea alive or anything because I really REALLY wanna see it happen still. *cough* I’ll move on.

      I’ve heard that about our microbes too! And it might not be far from the truth, because T. gondii is a microbial parasite that controls its host’s behaviors. For example, in mice, it makes them do this weird thing where they’re sexually attracted to non-infected mice or something crazy like that. Microbes are so cool.

      Looking forward to reading your next post! Keep up the awesome awesome work 🙂

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