The worst part about being a visionary is having too many visions. Too many ideas, too many hopes, not enough time. When I began this project I envisioned a small site, but as time went on I realized that my community needed so much more. I started to feel as though I would be failing my peers and those who will come after us if I didn’t put forth all of the knowledge and experience that I have. However, with that feeling came great responsibility and at this point in the project I think that it’s time to go at my draft with a big, red, ballpoint pen (it’s actually not a pen, it’s just the strikeout feature on Google Docs) and decide what should stay and what should go.

As we workshopped today I got so much great input on the wonderful places this project could go, but I also sought out input on what things should be eliminated to ensure that the project is as practical and useful as possible. Just from hearing people’s excitement about the video portion of the project, I was able to decide that I would like for this part to take a “front seat” and be a part of the project that the viewers see very early on. I think that I have a voice and perspective that will captivate my audience. As I reflect on today’s workshop and think about the things that I want to see in the project I think about young Sydni. What would freshman Sydni want? What questions did freshman Sydni go wrong? What does Freshman Sydni want to save the mini-Sydnis from?

The truth is, freshman Sydni needed guidance and direction and she needed it from someone who she could trust to lead her in the right direction. She needed someone to instill confidence and power in her so that when the journey got difficult her, her believe in her purpose would’ve waver. This is what I want to give to my audience. I want make this project more intimate than I previously envisioned, allowing the watchers to get to know me for who I am. My hope is that after hearing about my struggles and the struggles of those around me, they will be inspired to continue their journey!

I also received another piece of great advice: to consider taking out things that are not specific to the pre-medical community. This is an idea that I am greatly struggling with because I fear that doing so will exclude a large chunk of my audience seeing as the resources that are specific to pre-medical students (AMCAS, MCAT, application process) may not be as relevant to underclassman (because they likely aren’t thinking about these things yet). However, on the other hand I think that would make the project similar to one of my models, the Career Center’s Med App Ctools page, because although the information may not apply to everyone, it would encourage underclassman to look ahead to the future.  What do you guys think about this?




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  1. Hi Sydni!

    That sounds great! I think its important to remember the breadth of what you can include on your site without making it overwhelming/too much to process. I do think it might be good to acknowledge the limitations of your site on the home page (explain who your intended audience is). Then you can provide link to the other sites that might be more helpful to freshman or non-premed students (and provide explanations of what is useful on each resource site)!

    1. Thanks Eva! I like this idea and I think that it would be cool to reference other sites so that I don’t put too much pressure on myself to cover all of the bases.

  2. All of these memes made me so happy. Also, its so sweet and encouraging to see how you all of the students who will be looking at this website as “mini Sydni”s. Just from your enthusiasm for the topic, and all the crazy problem-solving you’ve done with recruiting extra hands through the Google Doc, I can tell “mini Sydni” is going to benefit a lot from all you are doing with this.

    To answer your last question on including items not specific to the pre-Medical community, I guess you might have to use “What would freshman Sydni want to see” strategy as you did with your other decisions. Athough I was never a premedical student, I can imagine some general science / bio resources could be really useful to your audience even if they’re not specific to premed. For example, Orgo can be a “weed-out” class for both PreMed & Engineers, but I think your target audience in particular, who might not be able to afford tutors or expensive review books, would benefit from knowing what free resources are on campus to pass.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Natalie! I agree that they should be present in some form. Maybe I will include some information that would be relevant, but not include so many in-depth resources for these things as they are useful, but maybe not the focus of the site.

  3. I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel this. Tbh my whole fourth blog post is about this. At first, Guthub was just going to be a website that had one Shiny app and now it’s grown into a monster of a site that overwhelms me. I have no idea where to stop, when to stop, or even how! I’m starting to think I’ll need to take your approach with a massive, metaphorical red pen. I’ve already started doing this with some features, but it’s time for me to be less forgiving and to really gut the website.

    From what I’ve seen in workshops through the semester, your website/project is really shaping up! A part of me wants to tell you to keep adding as much as you can, especially in regard to the content that isn’t necessarily pre-med specific, but I agree with you that cutting it will be for the best. Maybe after the semester, and before u die in medical school, you could add those features? Regardless, you’re creating something you should be really proud of! Even though I’m not pre-med anymore, I was so lost and confused all through college when I was, and this site is exactly what I needed! 🙂

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