How-To: Zine!

“A what?” you ask?

Zines are pronounced like “magazine” without the “maga.” sounds like: zeen, zene, /zēn/.


So then, what is a zine?

Zines are––in short–– DIY, unique publications. The creators of zines tend to make these out of passion for a particular subject. And! There are no rules. You can use any word processors, and content to put in your little booklet. Crafts, collage, photography, silkscreen, hand-written creative works…you name it! To name a few subjects to get your ball rolling, zines tend to be comics, creative or personal writings, fanfiction, sci-fi, art, fish, kale, your hates, anything really.


There are so many reasons why making a zine is exciting!

  1. publish something and call it your own
  2. get creative, and share it with others!
  3. find a topic so that you may find a niche for your publication—aka, meet new friends!
  4. rant, lament, rage, encourage to your heart’s desire for the whole world to see
  5. explore the arts and crafts!


Have I convinced you yet? Great! Let’s make a zine:


Duration time: depends on how long it takes you to go to Michaels to get craft supplies! the end of the week? i hope not!

Prep time: Are your Michaels bags still by the door? Go bring them over–it’s been a month.


-1 computer

-1 hand to write things

-1 pair of scissors

-1 glue stick

-3+ sheets of colored construction paper

-however many number of colors that exist in the world: get them all in acrylic paints!

-which demands a brush or two

-x number of magazines to collage(?)

-∞ Google images to print, cut, and paste

-Glitter? yes please.


Step 1 (and only step): type, write, cut, paste, erase, tear, and smile! all in a day’s work…


Need some visuals? okay okay:

~Here are some snapshots of Lollalane’s Zine. She videos her making it herself, and posted it on YouTube:


Her 12:22 minute tutorial video shows Lollalane stitches her own work, rather than stapling. Throughout the video, she uses all sorts of paper stocks, DIY style. I could potentially use her method of stitching the paper together, rather than staples. Binding is important! Also, when she shows her final product at the end of the video, she spatially, there is a lot of blank space, which suits her “vibe” of the zine. Viewers cannot see her content and words inside, however the cursive writing, and dried flowers, see-through paper, and shades of taupe, off white, lavender, etc, all contribute to the theme of her zine, whatever it may be. Are your juices flowin’ on what you want your vibe to be?


~You could even get it into a real booklet. Like Ben Newman’s graphic novel/indie zine:

Be courageous––take a leap of faith. Do you like your zine? We probably would to. The whole world would love to see it. So submit it and get it printed, and distributed in coffee shops and urban stores!


~Or! Put it on your website! (aka E-Zines).

Here, Adelina includes some examples of E-Zines in her blog. E-Zines are a great alternative to publishing a print zine into a fully electronic one. AT NO COST! Simply scan, create it into a pdf, and use a layout program to distribute onto your website! Make your creation accessible.


Thanks for reading! now go, zine away!

2 thoughts to “How-To: Zine!”

  1. Reading this post was super helpful to me, because I’m also making a zine for this experiment. I really like the youtube video you found, it has a vibe that I think will be similar to what I am going for in my zine, so it’s useful to have this video for reference. The part of the blog post that references the amount of time it will take was a good addition, because when I thought about the process of making my zine, the prep time and execution time wasn’t really something I thought about in depth, but I’m realizing that I need to plan ahead because it will take longer than I think!

  2. I love that you designed this like a recipe. It was fun to read and really helpful as I am making a zine too! The first thing that resonated with me was when you pointed out how a zine is a way to effectively publish something of your own. For so many people publishing is the ultimate goal but hard to achieve because it is hard to find time to write a novel (haha). A zine is way more attainable and still a way to market yourself as a creator. I appreciated the materials listed as it was helpful in creating my own list of supplies. The blogs and videos are also the most useful way to learn how to craft zines. I have so many videos lined up to watch and learn how to make the perfect zine.
    Thanks for all the tips!

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