A break from turtles

I was so sad to say goodbye to everyone over the past week; I’ve loved learning more about everyone in our class and growing our projects together. 

However, one thing I am happy about it the short break I will have from Mia the turtle. I have spent hours drawing her and her friends perfectly in many different poses, only to have her file crash my computer. And reading through her dialogue dozens of times, I think I might start speaking like her. 

While as of now I believe the book is done, I think if I read it again in two weeks, I might think differently. So, while I’ve posted it on my site for now, I will wait to try to publish it until after break. 

My other reason for doing this is the Kindle updates. Right now, Kindle doesn’t offer any fun fonts, which are necessary to making Mia kid-friendly. Kindle should be updating their software soon, and I hope that with this update they will include more fonts so Mia can be properly portrayed on their platform. 

I’m also still hoping to create a print form. However, I will need to add a few more drawings for this (most importantly a title page). 

Either way, I’m so thankful for everyone in this class who have kind but meaningful critiques of my work throughout the process. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and shows off their new creations to family and friends, (or maybe just your dog… that’s where I’m going to start). 

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