All good things must come to an end

In all honesty, nothing is coming to an end in terms of the work I have done in this class. What is coming to an end though is this semester and my time in Writing 220 with Shelley and the rest of my class. It was a really challenging semester for me in all my classes, but I have thoroughly enjoyed all my time in North Quad on Monday and Wednesdays. And while I am not sad to say goodbye to the long walk from my house at 9 am, I am sad to say goodbye to this course.

I had so much fun in this class. I really truly enjoyed the experimentation process and feel content as can be with my final project (if you want to skip to it, click here.) I can’t say how happy I am that I chose my common application essay. It allowed me a lot of flexibility in terms of focus and I also was able to write about something personal, which I don’t get to do enough in college. Personal writing is something I’ve, well, always kept personal. So it was difficult to sit through peer review sessions with brand new faces while they read about some of my lowest points. That being said I can’t say enough how much I appreciated the peer review session. I am so grateful to all of my groups for their honesty and sensitivity during the process. My portfolio would be nowhere without you all, so thank you!

As a sophomore, I have a lot of time until the capstone class. I want to have something I am ready to point my finger to and say “that is what I want to do!” However, I don’t have that. At least not right now. It’s on my mind though and I can’t wait till I have that aha moment when I know I see what I want to work on. I also fully acknowledge that may not happen until I am sitting in the Capstone class with a new group of friends.

Going back to the personal writing, I think I have realized a strength of mine is writing about powerful moments. This is a little random, but I realized intense writing is something I have fun doing and get really push myself in. I also really enjoyed scripting my podcast episode. Maybe I should dabble in screenwriting. These are all just some fun ideas. If I’m being honest, I am brain dead from this past week and can’t wait till I wake up tomorrow morning knowing that everything is calm in my brain until January 8th.

I hope you enjoy my final product 🙂 I plan on showing my grandparents tomorrow when they come over for dinner. Stay tuned if you would like to hear what they think.

Sincerely, Maddie 


Goodbye until Winter 2021. Let’s hope senior year takes its time getting here.

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