Final blog post!!

This semester has been a struggle for me and i’m sure it has been the same way for everyone else. One thing that made this semester a little less of a struggle was having the privilege to be around wonderful and creative thinkers.

I’ve always appreciated how much writing has influenced me. I’ve always appreciated the many mediums one can use to create something special. Writing for me was something that started in my high school. Beginning with making up inspirational quotes, to poetry, and then to short stories, it’s safe to say that writing has always and will always have a place in my heart. It’s also safe to say that deciding that I was going to minor in writing was something that was easy for me, but i still wasn’t sure of what to expect. Being in T’s class last year was great but opening up about myself in my writing was something I really wasn’t expecting to do. I think in some ways my decision to write about myself in the way that I did last year influenced a lot of what I decided to do in this project.

And I want to end this blog post with a thank you to T for always pushing me to think more of what to do with my ideas and how to make them grow in to something worth sharing.

Link to my project:

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