At the end of the semester, I can finally look back on the work I’ve done and comment on it. Briefly, I’ve grown as a reader and writer this semester. After dabbling in a variety of genres and learning more about the term genre itself and its allowances and constrictions, I feel a little bit more liberated in terms of my writing. Standard, traditional definitions of specific genres do not dictate my writing — I can take them as guidelines and help in formatting, but ultimately, what matters is my purpose. Genre is simply an outline, a platform from which to enunciate a message. If the message isn’t thought out, then it doesn’t matter what genre is used. 

I’m going to continue to build on this by practicing new genres in my writing. I would like to go further out my comfort zone from now until the capstone by trying out genres I’ve never tried writing in before. 

Anyways, here’s the link to my ePort!

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