It doesn’t end here

Not the project, not the friendships. None of it ends here.

This is my last blog post, and I can’t say I’m sad about that (sorry T). I have a love-hate relationship with blogging; on the one hand, it helps me vent and clear my thoughts. On the other hand, it’s a pain. I think I complain about blogging in each of my blog posts, so here’s to keeping the tradition alive.

As for my project, I’m really excited about its future direction. Ray and I talked at length about what the project would look like if it were a novel – I didn’t misspell novella there – and I’m really excited about the results. The novella itself, Death narrates the story of Amir, the son of a grave robber. In the novel, Death simultaneously narrates the stories of Amir and a younger Baba (his father) side-by-side, showing the progression into adulthood and the different choices each take to end up where they are at the beginning of the novel, and where they will be by the end.

As for the friendships I’ve formed through this class, they’re unforgettable. I know sometimes gateway students read these posts, and if they happen to read this, I’d like them to know that the depth with which you get to know and care for your classmates and their projects is one of my favorite things about the capstone class. You become so invested in realizing your classmates’ visions that you the class seems less like a class and more like a bi-weekly meeting between friends. And not that I’m biased, but definitely take capstone in the Fall. You’ll thank me later.

Alright, I’ve reached my word count so it seems (darn). This is goodbye, for now. Maybe I’ll come back for another blog post after I’ve finished the novel, many MANY (emphasis on MANY) years from now ;P Hopefully by then, I’ll dislike blogging a little less.

Thank you for everything, T, Ray, and the 420 F18 squad.

Until then,


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