It’s not goodbye… it’s see you later!!

You all know how much I’ve struggled to blog this semester and since I haven’t really been in the headspace to think about schoolwork I thought I’d use this last blog post to thank all of you!

Each of you brought something very special to the class and helped to make it a semester that I’ll never forget! So, as a token of my appreciation and it hopes that it’ll make you feel a little better about finals I would like to thank each of you personally!!

Zach: Thank you for pushing us all. Your project and the passion behind it truly inspired me to reach higher. I truly admire your constant desire to become a better “YOU”!

Jude: Thank you for being a good listener and for always having positive to say. I grew to appreciate your chill personality and the fact that you always had great things to say about everyone else’s projects.

Fatima: Thank you for always thinking out of the box. Whenever we workshopped I knew that I could always count on you to throw out some bangin’ ideas and get our juices flowing!

Brynn: Thank you for your transparency! You were always very open about your points of struggle in regards to the project and it helped me to remember that I wasn’t alone!! PS: your project was so unique and I can’t get enough of the cute pics of baby Brynn!!

Eva: Thanks for exposing me to different forms of our art! I really appreciated your project and the personal things that both you and Hannah share in the podcasts. If it weren’t for your project I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to hear about all of the foreign artists with cool names or how you got into painting or Hannah’s painting series!

Natalie: Thank you for making such cool characters! No matter the type of day that I was having your cool and spunky drawings always made me smile. PS: can’t wait to see your project in print!! *wink wink*

Last, but NOT least…

T: Thank you for pushing us all to take our projects one step further and produce things that will exist outside of this class!! You were such a good motivator and just a great person to bounce ideas off of!

Welp, since this is a writing class and all… I feel like I have to say something about my project so here it goes…

I’m so happy I did this project and I hope that the mini-me’s that come to U of M use it and love it as much as I do. If it weren’t for this class I don’t think I would’ve ever done this and I think it is sooooo important for fostering a more inclusive environment on my campus!

Until next time,


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  1. This is so cute, Sydni!!! I love how you thank each of us individually; what a thoughtful way to say see you later (not goodbye) 🙂 Thank you for always challenging me too, I felt like your comments about my project were always so specific that I knew what I had to fix after hearing you talk 🙂 I’m so excited for the future of your project, and you should definitely tell Mariella about it, so she can advertise it to all the current and future premeds at U of M!! I know your resource is something I would’ve loved to have as a premed at U of M. You and your project are both an inspiration 🙂 keep killin it, and good luck with your future med school goals doc 😉

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