Mrowy does not like cartoons

I’ve been working on my cartoons a lot lately. I use a white board to draw each character, then take a picture of it one my phone and use a photo editor on my computer to remove the background and fill in the colors.

At first, I was using an online photo editor, but this took about half an hour for each image because my computer is very slow. My cat, Meowcolm Catwell or Mrowy for short, hated all the time I was spending on my computer working on the cartoons.

He often sits on my keyboard while I try to do work. But a few days ago, he sat on it while I was processing an image and deleted all of it. Unhappy, I picked Mrowy up and set him in the corner, where he laid down to sleep. He could have left the corner, he is just very lazy.

When my husband, David, asked me why Mrowy was in the corner, I told him about how Mrowy deleted the photo. David showed me how to use Paint 3D which was already installed on my computer with the new Windows update, and now processing images is much easier.

Mrowy still has not gotten over the fact that I have to do work on my laptop – and he is in fact sitting on my lap right now – but thankfully I have an easier way to create my cartoons so that I can spend more time playing with Mrowy, and he can spend less time meowing incessantly as he is currently.

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