Update on the Coat of Many Colors

I feel as though I have been doing everything, but blogging this semester. Mostly because I prefer to just talk sometimes (since I do so much writing both inside and outside of class) and also because it’s just one of those things that I keep moving to the bottom of my to-do list. So… here’s my shot at it.


Things that I want to get done this week:

  • Interview Fitz (medical student at U of M) about his experience as a person of color and a medical student. As a medical student who was been through the process and now mentors students like me I think that he will be able to provide some great insight!
  • Get some quotes!! I want to include some quotes from people with different majors (pre-med) talking about why they like their major and how they (if applicable) they feel that it prepared them for applying to medical schools.
    • PS: if you have a dope major (wink. wink. Zach, Eva, Fatima) it would be helpful if you could give me a cool little pull quote in the comments LOL.
  • Play around with Google Sites a little bit more. While I appreciate the simplicity of Google Sites and the way that it is compatible with other google products (Docs, Drive, etc.), I am very bothered by how limited it is– can you believe you can’t even save the font color?? (UGH, this really bothers me). Anyways, I know I don’t want to switch my platform, because I don’t want the aesthetics of the website to be distracting
  • Companion essay — No explanation, I just need to get to it and get to it fast!
  • Finish cutting the videos into smaller, more digestible clips so that I can thread them through the site (I want to give my audience the option of watching the full-length video, but still be able to get with they need if they don’t have time).

I think that that’s it for this week. It seems like my to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer, but I am determined to get these things done. Please send some end-of-the-semester motivation because I definitely have the end-of-the-semester blues!!

One thought to “Update on the Coat of Many Colors”

  1. Hi Sydni! I totally understand what you mean about not liking to blog. I spend so much time writing for work and school that talking becomes my preferred method of communication.

    To respond to your request for end-of-semester motivation, here are some fun facts:

    – A dog’s noseprint is as unique as a human’s finger print
    – The proper plural spelling of “octopus” is “octopuses”, not “octopi”, because the word originates from Greek, not Latin
    – The majority of breathable oxygen isn’t made by plants on land, but tiny plankton throughout the ocean.
    – Cows have best friends
    – Researchers have observed that strong puppies will let weak puppies “win” a fight so it feels better about itself
    – And there are only two days left of class!

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