What a semester!

What a semester it has been! As I discuss more in my eportfolio narrative introduction, I have undergone many changes this semester, both academically and personally. The minor in writing gateway course really pushed me out of my comfort zone, just as my recent life experiences have done as well. I loved being given the freedom to explore who I am as a person and writer through the flexibility this course allows for.

My biggest take-away from this course has been that you have to start somewhere. You won’t get a writing piece perfect the first time, but without starting with something, there is no way to improve. I used to be scared to write things that I knew could not be perfect. From this class, I learned that that is the fun part! Being able to put something on the page and then edit and develop it along the way are what writing is about. The experiment process really taught me this.

I also learned that you cannot compare yourself to others. As a class that is majorly consumed by peer reviews, this is hard to understand. I constantly felt bad about my writing when sharing it with others. I would apologize to my peers before reading it. However, I have learned that if you do not have confidence in yourself, then no one will. We are all learning and we can only do the best that we can do.

My favorite writing piece from the eportofilio was my narrative introduction, not my fully-realized piece interestingly enough. I think this is because my fully-realized piece was not personal. For my capstone project I decided that I want my writing to be more personal than the project I did this semester. I think personal pieces are more enjoyable to write and I think I am better at them. That being said, I am proud of myself for trying out creative writing, but I definitely have a lot more to learn!

Here is the link to my eportfolio for the minor in writing: https://chloef2.wixsite.com/gateway

I learned more about myself while making it and I hope you learn more about me as well! Enjoy!!

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