words for days.

in the end, i feel like i’ve found my voice–expanding on the prose is something i am realizing i seem to enjoy. up until this course, i have been insecure, almost ashamed, of sharing my writing. perhaps it was the content i always immersed myself in. looking back now, it baffles me how i have never done any creative writing. ever. i would only bury myself in the comfort of academic essays–research, research, and more research. to me, i could research and write, without ever exposing what i actually thought or felt. i guess this was why i was so insecure. i realize that my minimal exposure to creative writing, and vast, endless writing of only academic essays has taken a toll–i seem to have lost my voice amidst reiterating research, regurgitation of facts to support an idea etc. sometimes i would read past essays and not recognize that it was my own writing. but this course, the creative route i chose to take in my experiments and project, has allowed me to find my own voice. i now recognize my thoughts and can almost hear me reading aloud. currently, i feel as if i am blossoming out of the fear of not being able to write. writing is fun. and i am most proud of my newly discovered love and confidence in writing.  

because there may be some goodbyes to the wonderful people i met in my gateway class, i would like to say that i am quite grateful for everyone’s guidance and encouragement for what may be one of the more important things i do in life. i have been stretched during my final project, and have grown towards a niche i’d love to explore in writing about: human conditions, emotions, relationships, etc.

check it out here: https://agalee.wixsite.com/agalee

in my time before the capstone, i hope to continue down this path, open to whatever comes my way. taking an idea, and running with it to see where i end up!

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