How I Came Across the Writing Process

I was in an ankle-length skirt, a bonnet, and a petticoat fastened tight around my waist when I realized the passion I had for writing. I was a fourth grader pretending to have just have set sail on the Mayflower in search for a new life in America, when I realized the ease that came through expressing myself with paper and pen. It was Colonial Day at my elementary school and we were celebrating the discovery of America by dressing up, eating, and participating in activities that paralleled the pilgrims of 1492. Leading up to this day, we as fourth graders were tasked with keeping a journal that narrated our imagined travels on the Mayflower. The creation of this journal lies at the forefront of my memories involving my discovery of the writing process. But more specifically, it was the moment my fourth grade teacher called home to tell my mom I needed to continue to write when I knew this was something I wanted to pursue for the rest of my academic career.

Now, eleven years later, my love of writing has manifested into more of a passion for academic argumentation, as well as personal expression, through the form of written word. Writing is the creative way in which I express my dynamic persona and venturesome aspirations. I applied to the Sweetland Minor in Writing Program because I feel as though this program will allow for immense growth in my craft. In this field of creative expression and collaboration, I will be able to address my strengths and weakness, as well as receive newly informed insight into the writing process.

Before applying to the Writing minor, I took numerous classes about the art of the essay; my first being English 125. In this class, I wrote an open letter to the future resident of my dorm room explaining all the highs and lows accompanying Freshman year. I chose this piece as my origin piece because it provides surface level exposure to a multitude of personal stories that were not fully dissected in my open letter. With this piece, there is plenty opportunity to dive into different genres and use different lenses to convey my overall story in a more thorough manner.

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  1. Samantha,
    I really enjoy the imagery this piece provides. I can almost picture all the elementary children dressed in colonial clothing, holding their treasured journals close to their chests. It’s so cool you have a specific memory to pinpoint the exact moment you fell in love with writing.

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