Intro and Origin Piece

My name is Jared Bartman, and I’m a sophomore here at the University of Michigan. I grew up in Westchester New York, and grew up a Wolverines fan. I’m studying Health and Fitness in the school of Kinesiology. I grew up writing fictional stories that were inspired by my daily experiences and the fantastical ideas that I wished could happen within them. I joined the minor in writing hoping I can continue to improve upon my writing skills, and rediscover the passion I had for it when I was younger. I also hope to figure out what writing I excel in to determine my identity as a writer.

The piece that I’ll be using this term as my origin piece is one I wrote for English125 my freshman year. This research essay aimed to pinpoint how big of a role circumstances play in the development of criminals from an early age. This felt like a good piece for me to start with because I had never written a research essay, and generally prefer to write out of experience, which is why I’m intrigued to see how the compilations of stories I know regarding this topic will help me piece together this idea from my own lens. I did appreciate the fact that producing a nonfiction research essay was appropriate for this topic, as it can be explained through facts and statistics, however, I believe this topic can be captivating to numerous audiences when discussed through a collection of true stories. I hope that I can uncover the genre that will help this piece shine and allow the audience to connect with it in a way that can’t be done with a nonfiction piece that encompasses little for the reader to relate to.

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