Intro Post

Hi everyone! My name is Georgia and I am a sophomore studying economics and biology, health, and society (BHS). I am from New Jersey and decided to come to U of M because I wanted to go to a Big 10 school with a stellar academic reputation. I wanted to become a part of the minor in writing program because I really enjoyed my first year writing course and continued to take writing classes after that.

For my origin piece, I will be using my term paper for the Arab Israeli conflict class. I wrote my paper about the intersection of feminism and zionism; specifically, what it means to be a feminist in the Israel/Palestine region. I enjoyed writing this paper because it challenged me to use the information presented in class and draw my own opinions and conclusions from it. There is a lot of information in this that I can take in many different directions so I think it will be great for experimentation. Right now, I am thinking that I will look at feminism in different regions of the world, but we will see where the project takes me!

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