Introduction, Origin Piece

Hey all! My name is Julian Hansen, majoring in International Studies (Global Health + Environment sub-plan) with minors in Writing (obviously) and Energy & Science Policy. I hope to dedicate my life to somehow helping solve climate change. I am from Boston, MA. I wanted to get a MiW because I want writing to take a major role in my professional life. I am becoming more and more interested in environmental journalism/reporting, and think that it is a great way to use my skills in the fight against climate change. I think writing is an important tool in all fields, and outside of the professional world as well.

For my origin piece, I will be using an empirical essay that I wrote in my ENG 225: Academic Argumentation class. I wrote about/did research on the actions that specifically environmental students take in their daily lives, asking if those actions were enough to help in the fight against climate change. I consider myself an environmentalist, and also involve myself heavily in campus environmental activism. This topic came out a frustration over the lack of action that my fellow environmentalists were not taking. I think it’s a good starting point because the structure of the empirical essay is so rigid that it leaves no room for creativity. From this rigid starting point allows for infinite possibilities, and I believe that the subject of climate action and student action lends itself well to alterations. I liked doing the research and creating the surveys/survey questions, but I did not like how rigid the IMRAD structure is. It felt very constricting and didn’t allow me to take rhetorical liberties that I usually like taking. I’m excited to take this opportunity to transform this rigid text into a variety of more dynamic pieces.

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