My Hopes and Dreams (for the MiW)

            Whenever anyone asked me “What’s your major?” or “What are you studying?” I said “I haven’t quite decided yet” with a drawn out “Maaaayyybe English?”. I entered UMich undeclared, but really I already knew I wanted to study English. For my whole life my parents taught me to love reading. So it wasn’t surprising that at the end of my sophomore year I declared as an English major. Now the question is “What do you want to do after college?” and ideally, I would read for a living. To be a good reader, however, I believe I should be a good writer. 

            Despite being an English major, I feel I haven’t practiced my writing skills very much. I mostly write with the same style for the same type of assignments; I analyze texts and create some form of argument. It wasn’t until English 325 that I moved away from that formula and realized that I can be a little creative. I decided to apply for a Minor in Writing to help expand my writing skills, experiment with new forms, and develop that little ball of creativity. I believe my origin piece will allow me to do this.

            Ah, my origin piece. Written just last year for that 325 class, I discussed how our doomsday movies reflect our fears; how we need to change the narrative of those movies. I use personal anecdotes (such as watching those movies), research (the context in which the movies are released), and of course movies (World War Z, Wall-E) to create my argument. With these elements, I will have many ways to alter and experiment with my origin piece. I’m not sure what to do yet, but I’m looking forward to discovering those possibilities. 

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